Linux Interview

#Important Topics

I know the list is long, but this can be used as a Study Guideline.

Will try to post on as many topics as I could, others are also welcomed to write on the topic of their interest.

1. Kernel Internals: Memory management, Interrupts, I/O scheduling, DMA controller, Paging/Swaping, Virtual Memory.
2. FileSystem: inodes, tune2fs details like inode size, super block, mkfs, dumpe2fs etc.
Tools: Bonnie++, Dbench
3. FileSystem Internals of ext2/3/4, Reiser, recovery and performance according to the block size.
4. Performace tools: sar, top, pmap, tcpdump, stat, iostat, free, vmstat, uptime, ps, pgrep, mpstat, netstat, ss, strace, mtr. Bonnie, Dbench, httperf
5. Tools like: Nagios, wireshark, nmap.
6. Process details like: states, deadlock conditions, fork(), exec versions, IPC, Semaphores.
+++> processes, threads, pthreads, locks, hooks.
+++> Resource allocation.
7. Bash Tools: awk, sed, grep, cut, find, xargs, getopts, Shift.
8. Shell variables/Parameters, different ways of executing script.
9. Boot Process: System-map, initrd, detailed process of booting, system initialization, profile etc.
10. Kernel commandline paramters: init, single etc.
11. File descriptors, /proc, /sys and sysctl configuration.
12. Pipefs, mkfifo, mknod, losetup.
13. LVM: Snapshots, RAID.
14. Clusters: HPC, HPA, LVM, GFS.
15. Apache: module configuration, security, wget, curl.
16. NFS mounts, /fstab details, NIS indepth.
+++> permissions, kerberos.
+++> NIS maps, switch.
17. Proxy Server: Squid, Reverse Proxy, memcached.
18. Load Balancers: GSS, Brooklyn Rotation.
19. Kerberos, LDAP security.
20. PAM Modules.
21. Algorithms: Bubble sort, Hash, Linked List and Big(O) Notation.
22. Databases: MySql, Oracle tunning.
23. Perl, PHP, Curl, Regexp
24. C Programming: Socket/Kernel/internals, gdb, make files, gcc.
25. Iptables: Indepth must.
26. Servers: DNS, DHCP, FTP, SSH, SSL.
27. SSH: Details of encription, tunneling, keys.
28. HTTP: Detials of operations, Https and how various methods like GET/POST etc work.
+++> Perl tool lwp-request.
+++> Sessions, bcookie, lcookie.
29. Security: Operating system hardening, TCP wrappers, GPG, PGP, md5sum and Network Security.
+++> Encription: 3DES, Public-key enc.
+++> Openssl
+++> Magiccookie
30. Application suites: JBoss, Tomcat.
31. Syslogd details, log rotation.
32. Email: Sendmail, postfix.
33. Crontab, at
34. Kernel Compilation.
35. CPU modes, Real/Protected mode.
36. Virtualization: VMware, Xen.
37. Signals: SIGHUP etc.
38. Regexp, SVN, CVS, Yum, RPM commands/database recovery.
39. insmode, modprobe, lsmod.
40. umask, ulimit, core dumps, and X Window.
41. Java, Java Script.

# Networking
1. TCP/IP: Details, In/Out of headers, flags, 3-way handshake, error handling.
+++> Sniffing.
+++> Handling with different layers.
2. OSI Layers/TCP Layers.
3. Routing details: RIP, OSPF, EIGRP, BGP.
4. Switching: VTP, STP, VLANs, HSRP.
5. Multicasting Modes.
6. ISL and Frame Relay.
7. MPLS Details.
8. Router Boot process.
9. PIX/ASA Basics.
10. NATing (Important)
+++++ Best of Luck !! +++++

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